These Worksheets have been developed for various grade levels and skill sets. They are in PDF format and require a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader, eXPert PDF Reader, or other similar software that can be easily obtained, usually for free, from various providers on the Web. AEDP holds the copyright for all the available Worksheets, but you are free to download them and use them if you keep the AEDP Logo on your copies.

WORKSHEET A-6 - Identifying Man-made Objects

Worksheet A-6 is for grade levels K thru 2. The instructions are extremely simple - just cross out any pictures of "man-made" objects. However, several of the items have been left very ambiguous, leaving room for interpretation and points of discussion. For instance, the rainbow contains man-made houses. The Big Dipper star pattern contains lines and labels drawn in. How should these be intrepeted?

This Worksheet is in PDF format and may be printed in black-and-white or in full color. Download Worksheet A-6 HERE

WORKSHEET - A Trip into Space

Worksheet A-5 is for grade levels 3 through 8. The instructions are simple; the ensuing discussion constitutes the real learning session. Some portion of the answers have been left vague, or as mere suggestions, to facilitate a wider range of thought and interest. The higher the grade level, the more sophisticated the answers and discussions should be, and the more rigid the expectation of completion (Level 1 vs. Level 2) should be. Worksheet A-5 is comprised of the Student Worksheet and the Teacher's Guide. These Worksheets are in PDF format and may be printed in black-and-white.
Download Worksheet A-5 is HERE
Download Teacher's Guide for A-5 is HERE Answers given are not definitive, given specific argument, etc.